Of Salsa and Protocol-agnosticism

It's like JavaSpaces. When everybody got to implement the Space interface except me. This is what I felt when I went to Union Square at Tanjong Pagar last Friday night. My Singaporean-American friend happened to be going there and I told her I could drop by and a have a few beers and listen to salsa and other Latin music since I don't can't really dance(and I don't want to). But upon the entrance to the door I saw the dance floor jampacked with every guys and babes doing salsa. My jaw dropped and my chic-magnet points seems to diminish every minute, guys who knows(implements) salsa can dance around with anybody. Feeling like boy in the candy store, I told my friend "this is amazing", never felt like a loser before I really am that night.

My friend told me to join her class, but I am still in self-denial. Anyway, the empire will strike back next time.


peterrb2 said…
Jared, good looking guy like you, not to worry. Forget that "loser" business. I like your blog and envy your technical expertise. Interested in a novel about Olongapo in the Marcos years? Check my blog, mon.


Jonathan Wong said…
Join the movement man! I can hook you up with Salsa lessons if you want. Or I really urge you to join your female friend for class. Once you start, you can't stop. Loser no more, you won't be! :D
Anonymous said…
Yea, you must join her! You'll never regret, you'll get a lifetime of joy! :-)

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