Why I hate going to Funan IT Mall

Yesterday, I went to Funan IT Mall and my intention is to just look for this book called Java Puzzlers, I already know where to look at it's called The Computer Book Centre. But before I went there, a lot of distractions has come my way. Now I have changed my dream developer laptop from Fujitsu E8020 to Toshiba Tecra M3. So I ticked it to my To-Buy List. Although the review about this product is not-so-good since it's just about all those relative things like speed, lack of multimedia buttons, lack of anti-asthma-inhaler and lack of other girly stuff. My point is not about it, it's about development. When I saw it, it already looks worth the price, Toshiba's reputation on TFTs is unbeatable, they have the best screen displays ever. Put it side by side with ThinkPad, Vaio(all with dedicated VRAMs) or what have you, the M3 stands out. Of course since I am an nVidia fan, that's another thing that attracts to this machine, it has an nVidia GeForce 6600 thingy in it. As of this writing, it's priced at SGD$3,299. Not bad. Now where's my credit card?

That's not the point of me being in there in the first place. So I walked with some few paces. Store after store seems to have a life of its own uttering in my ears "M3...M3...M3". Finally, I am heading to where I want to go, The Computer Book Centre. Upon arriving, there's a bunch of books on sale, tempting. O'Reilly has their SWT Developer's Notebook(not the laptop ok!) series at SGD$20 and O'Reilly's Sping Developer's Notebook at $47(?). The O'Reilly Notebook series are another interesting series aside from the Head First series because the book looks like a college math notebook where sample codes has written on it. Again, that's not what I am looking for. I headed to the Java Section there are books of interests about JDO, another JCA, JavaSpaces/Jini. I sat on the floor to scour the bottom, nothing. So I went to the Publishers section then to the Addison-Wesley shelf and...NOTHING! I asked the sales clerk if there's a Java Puzzlers and said that book is still to arrive and asked if I want to advance my order, I refused. Not to put to waste the efforts of going there, I went back to the A-W shelf, now there are three books of interests I am looking at; "Open Source Licensing", "Succeeding with Open Source" and this. I opened the last book and the page that pop on me is p.213 and I quote:

"...Let's say you have a module of legacy code that's in a real mess, and you want to rewrite it rather than keep trying to live with it. You have to involve your boss because it will require significant investment resources.

You could present this choice to your boss:

  1. Do nothing new, keep fixing bugs as they appear.

  2. Total rewrite.

Your boss may choose option 1 outright..."

And I keep on reading the whole page. Damnit! I am sold. I am buying this book now! That's SGD$55 by the way.


Ian Lim said…
Seems like an interesting book for me to gain a perspective on the current situation. :P
jon said…
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