Working Hard(ska Working Stupid) vs. Working Smart

A lot of developers not only in the Java Community, complains a lot about crap-related work, I mean work-related crap. There are developers who were agonized by long painful experiences that it has in-growned to their minds that if you haven't done the "working-hard" stuff, you haven't done enough or you haven't really feel the real work. F&#k that!

Developers in general who "work hard" has some unique behaviours that are different from the developers who work smart. Developers who work smart knows:

  • When to reinvent the wheel

  • When to say the big "NO"

  • That success is a daily happening and should be taken for granted

  • How not to submit to stress

  • That is fun to smirk at workmates who are really weary of what the fuck is going on with their careers. That listening to the backbiting sessions about their superiors are treated as a joke to themselves.
  • how to look at the big picture, and consciously knows his directions

  • how to think ahead of the competition.

  • and understand the fears of the opponents

  • how to effortlessly negotiate with minimal buzzword, less assertiveness and with full control.
  • when to give up.

  • every risk and how to calculate them.

  • how to be a confident asshat, that honestly tell people what he does and doesn't know

  • that pretending and fooling around has consequences

  • that it is stupid to repeat the same stupid mistake

  • how to party and have fun. While "hard-workers" work at weekends and holidays

  • what the task at hand and what to do about it. If doubtful, smart workers are inquisitive species

  • that it is a bad idea to consult with "hard workers"

  • that an "early bird catches the early worm and fucks the prom queen", while hard-workers whines about how to try their best

  • that lunch and other breaks are not the good times for work-related chats

  • that the most difficult of all is preserving integrity over job security, which is by the way achievable

  • that with integrity, job market is not scarce, which takes away their fears of "starting-over-again" dilemma

Working smart is not a skill that is developed overnight. It takes some level of guts and cockiness, some sacrifices as well. There are prices to be paid in exchange for the lessons learned. Smart workers can be mistaken as slackers in the office because the speed and the scope of possibilities laid out by them are tremendous and overwhelming in any given minute that hard-workers will simply scratch heads in awe.


Ankur said…
thanks a lot.
it was a great help during emergency.

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