Another one on Intellectual Property Rights

Snipped from a hard copy of The Strait Times' Review Section, August 13, 2005, entitled "Intellectual Property rights: Why they are so wrong". Written by Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics. It's about his takes on why intellectual property rights are so wrong. Some interesting points I would like to share if you failed to grab a copy from the newsstands. Sorry URL link requires registration and I am too lazy to do that ;)

"...Without intellectual property protection, incentives to engage in certain types of creative endeavours will be weakened. But there are high costs associated with intellectual property..."

Correct. Continuing on...

"...and if intellectual property slows down the ability to use others' ideas, scientific and technological progress will suffer..."

"...the mathematics that underlies modern computer -are not protected by intellectual property..."

This is undisputable. Now let's hit the G-spot.

"...The growth of the "open source" movement on the Internet shows that not just the most basic ideas, but even products of enormous immediate commercial value, can be produced without intellectual property protection..."

"...By contrast, an intellectual property regime rewards innovators by creating a temporary monopoly power allowing them to charge far higher prices than they could if there were competition...In the process, ideas are dessiminated and used less than they would be otherwise...Modern research has shown that the great economist Joseph Schumpeter was wrong that competition in innovation leads to a succession of firms..."

Stiglitz also added how Microsoft demonstrated its abuse of market power to discourage innovation.

Take note, these words are not from a zealot's mouth like RMS or ESR. This is a third-party opinion concerning intellectual property and how it hampers innovation. Even for sustaining a developed economy, open source will still play an essential, semi-obvious roles.


gary said…
terrific article jared, i googled it up and found it,6418,334345,00.html

im writing an article on opensource / linux and i needed the input. thanks :)
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