Audacity addiction

It's really like magic, I don't want to bother about the underlying reasons why ALSA produces better sound than any other Windows-based audio architecture. But there's really a distinctive difference. Even our resurrected now-Slackware-souled Dell Latitude CPx sounds better than its siblings that are still running Winblows.

Anyway, in relation to chiseling sounds. I used to do audio editing with SoundForge years ago and its a nice tool and now it has improved a lot, I hope they can release something for Linux soon. But since I don't have the budget allocated for it yet, I will settle for a cheapo(just kidding) Audacity, I've been watching the progress of this tool and it has improved a lot although not as intituitive as SoundForge, still, I can get the quality of sound I want with just a little perseverance and patience. A few months more hopefully.

And finally, this is my first post written on a Linux machine since I landed in Singapore! Purifying experience.


nox said…
pareng jared,

try for your drum loops. it has a linux gtk port. on the recently concluded linuxworld expo manny amador demonstrated (live! he brought an electric guitar and amp.) the combination of trommler and audacity to create a decent sample. linux can literally rock!

rock on!

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