Blog DeathMatch: Hani vs. Paul

Choose sides or run for your unmentionables :)) This is going to be fun! We have a wet dreamer and a wanker, what more could you ask for? "Hiring is Obselete?", maybe in an ideal world, and I don't think Microsoft is one of the three big powers of the Internet, that thing is a sleeper. It's MS that tries to debunk the potential power of Internet in the mid-90s and claimed CD-ROMs are the way to go. In fact, they were hit titsup by the dotcom wave eating up their own shorts. Paul Graham might be a PR man on the M$ payroll.

And Hani on the other hand, is a real wanker. Who desperately plays Twister(TM) alone, naked and trying not to get aroused in the process. I don't mind if he's a sucker for IntelliJ maybe that's his source of inspiration(and wisdom) for all his writings. His open source hypocrisy is also one of his ticklers.

Both came from a programming career. The one become an investor and the one become the invested or fornicated. It seems there are two trends a programming career will be heading, either become a funder or become funded. Interesting. Hey, bring more mud in the ring!


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