Building The Empire: Mule vs. OpenAdaptor

I am revisiting these two EAI implementations(whatever you may call it e.g. SOA, ESB etc. whatever). I have once played with OpenAdaptor before, it was really nice but it doesn't fit what we were trying to do two years ago. OpenAdaptor has been around before these marketing buzzwords such as SOA, ESB etc. etc. were coined. Mule on the other hand, tries to achieve the same thing, this time it is a bus, a looong bus, a double-decker bus, a triple-decker bus. Whatever. Since there's just so much fuzz about a lot of crappy technologies these days both coming from commercial and open source(e.g. AppFuse, Weblogic, etc. etc.), the commercial ones are even too hard to swallow, so much eye candy, so much 'surface value'. It's time to revisit technologies that really make sense!

The streets are so much buzzed with knowledge management, content management systems, portal management that really contributes so little to the value of a business. Some thought it's useful because a sweet-talking salesman has told them so. Businesses are more concerned to the value of what they are doing; getting results done in the most effective way, because this is how businesses can maximize profits.

The lack of appeal of these products are due to the absence of a tantalizing, hypnotic UI. I realized that UI is one of the best tools to fool a customer. But with OpenAdaptor or Mule, it's really the actions, especially the unattended ones, that matters.


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