Building The Empire: The Singapore Takedown!

The storm troopers of Business Software Alliance are stealthily creeping the city. And I am surprised in a developed country who as I heard on the streets and teh tarik breaks boasts of not maximizing the power of open source because it is a cheapo, yet still has symptoms of a third-world software piracy. At least in the Philippines, after an infamous raid on a very reputable world-renowned Japanese company around 5 years ago, businesses started to clean up since then, that's why technologies that really make sense(those that will help uptick your stocks, upgrade your salary, strengthen your skills) are flourishing up there.

As a support to the storm troopers actions and part of the empire building, I have cleansed two offending workstations(a desktop and a notebook) of its unnecessary evils. These two are both from Dell and has surrendered themselves to Slackware 10.1 with recompiled Linux kernel 2.6.12, all the old Xircoms(PCMCIA) heeded to the recompilation smoothly. One local Linux user asked me, "why recompile"? I had an empty stare at him and asked back, "why not"? This is what Linux is all about, freedom, the chance to play with the "engines". What's the point of owning a hotrod if you can't open the hood?

Another local who is outside of the paying-members-only Singapore Linux Users' Group got the chance to compile a MySQL 4.1 source in our Slackware notebook and got it working under my watch. My wild guess is, he's the first local to do it in a such noob-hostile environment here. :)) So I told him to put it in his resume and if he enters a Poly or Uni, asks his major class professors if they had done such things, before they teach the "undervalue" of open source.


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