Effectiveness vs. Efficiency

I asked one candidate before what's the difference between effictiveness and efficiency. Take note this candidate has all the "SC" prefix on his certifications, he technically knows almost everything. But that is a clincher question and after throwing that question many times already, it is not surprising that 2 out of 10 will give an answer that makes sense. These few individuals, from the less obvious ways, knows the difference between doing things right and doing things quickly. Seldom these two mix, seldom you meet people who knows the difference.

You'll notice, only software marketing bullshit promotes efficiency. While the true successful ones really emphasize more on the how to be highly effective, one even came up with a 7-habits for it :)) Even some digital cameras measure pixels in "Million Effective Pixels" rather than "Million Efficient Pixels".


Tom Hawtin said…
Isn't that just word play?

Did you effectively attempt to determine whether he could create effective software?
Anonymous said…
I think the other 8 of your 10 just have a better definition of "efficiency" than you do.

One definition of efficiency is "The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system". In this definition "efficiency" is a measure of how much you waste, and a more efficient developer could be said to waste less time.

A common definition of the root of the word, "efficient", is: "Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort".

I'm afraid you're confusing efficiency with "fast". They are not the same. A quality response to your question is that you prefer an efficient developer to an effective one - because an efficient developer is by definition an effective one, but they're effective with a minimum of waste.
Anonymous said…
' I think the other 8 of your 10 just have a better definition of "efficiency" than you do.'


Ha Ha! - Picture Nelson from the Simpsons
Jesus Christ hates Americans said…
You guys are so emotionally triggered by this thing. But when it comes to coded blog postings you seem to be very silent. Show up.
Jared said…
whew, that's too radical for a name. anyway, anonymous ignoramuses, it's really a shame you people thinks in very "obvious" patterns. You don't and can't understand reading between the lines so I'll stop here and just wait for your fingers to agonize in pain. Silly jerks.

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