Java Card Communications Access Layer

Also known as JACCAL or sounds like "j@k07" is a smart card API for Java. I am not really into Smart Cards, but basically anything that passes thru I/O should have one thing in common -bytes, it's just a matter of learning the communications protocol like how the streams are parsed and read, how the data are build and transmitted. JACCAL uses the PCSC or Personal Computer Smart Card protocol. Anyone who's interested in writing an application in Smart Cards especially in Java should be familiar with the Java Communications API.

I remember that I have to promote my SerialFTP from Planning stage to Beta, but I have to find my backup code back home. SerialFTP also uses Java Communications API, it implements a simplified ZMODEM protocol, jokingly named as JMODEM and has stuck since then. Even funnier is, this protocol has been used as a non-standard firewall too. Who? Well, that information is not open source :) Eventually I will write a hyperterminal-style functionality there when I get the time.


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