JSR-220/243 The Dream Project

Get out of the way Hibernate, go to sleep. According to Eclipse.org, "... The goal of the project is to provide tooling integrated with the Eclipse platform that generates artifacts for runtime implementations of the JSR 220 persistence and JSR 243 specifications..." Which means the Eclipse team is getting serious about JDO. The politics of persistence has kept JDO from the limelight not because of technological merits, in fact it's really far more superior than anything else. It's just some people from Hibernate, the CMP-loving JBoss and other rotting persistence groups just really^9999999 love to fart from their mouths. Naturally, farts like that can truly get some attention.

But with this JSR-220/ORM coming along, at least some of us could breath easier. Hopefully, some of those fart-addicts could be rehabilitated. Persistence is the name of the game, instead of sending letter, why not let just let JDO prevail ok? That letter does not even have a clear direction on how to unify, it only talks about how to improve the technically inferior side. Anyway, with the increasingly popular Eclipse, things will change in the near future.


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