A little fix for the fart-addicts

As not to spoil so much of your fun. I know that most Hibernate+WhateverWebFramework+WhateverPattern+AlwaysInTomcat junkies out there sure will make things work fine. You have a shiny, bubbly web application bouncing like a squash ball. This addicts will claim they have over a thousand users on that application, no shit man this is what you call hallucination, it's truly a fucking lie, I don't buy that, I can bend over with pants down on this people and for sure they can't tell the difference between kissing Britney Spears and my ass.

Ok here it is, if you happen to be a developer who belonged to the companies with deep pockets, most likely you're playing with IBM Websphere, SJSAS that has really have a fine security policy. Also, this will prevent that pitiful Weblogic from shutting down. And with some dickhead even upgraded your Hibernate to Version 3 then your hibernate.cfg.xml should have something like this:

<property name="hibernate.query.factory_class">

Otherwise you don't need that since you're awfully poor and you can't afford a decent application server.


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