Now a "bonfide" publication

After waiting for a couple of days The National Library Board of Singapore has granted me my ISSN(International Standard Serial Number). Which means this blog is now a "bonafide" publication.

What's the big deal about ISSN? An ISSN is an internationally accepted code that provides a unique numerical identification for a serial publication. It takes the form of the acronym "ISSN" followed by two groups of four digits, separated by a hyphen, for example, ISSN 0217-4634 or ISSN 0218-401X. The first seven digits are unique to the title, while the last digit provides an automatic check on the accuracy of an ISSN. The last digit may be an X (for 10); otherwise the ISSN is fully numeric.

So what's the benefit of an ISSN? An ISSN uniquely identifies a serial publication. Publishers, suppliers and libraries worldwide use ISSN as a reference number for selection and acquisitions.

Serials with assigned ISSNs are easily identifiable and retrievable. In addition, ISSN acts as an access point to the ISSN Register published by the International Centre in Paris. The Register lists serial titles published all over the world, and is available in microfiche, magnetic tape and CD-ROM.

In addition to that, ISSN is important for this blog because not all the rants here are "rants". When stuff are reviewed on this space, it's not just a piece of software or hardware lent to me over the weekend and have my opinion on it then post and rate it. It's about actual usage, actual consumption that has been done over and over again.

My apologies for the aggregators where I am listed if all my old posts are being reposted. I am just making a backup of my entire blog to the CD as a Legal Deposit in exchange for the ISSN.


Richard said…
Congratulations! Job well done. Be seeing more of the tech stuff from this site.
Jared said…

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