Oh yeah, it's good to be back

So some people do remember me as The Darkstar Blogger, hehehehe. Darkstar is really the name of my PC back in the Philippines where I hastily installed Slackware 9.1. So the name stuck.

So let's see what has happened in the Java Blogging Community during the moments of lull. First, how's J2ME? Yeah, it's now Java ME, a couple of years back there's too much buzz about it, some predictions says new Java jobs will be created from this and that was made a couple of years ago. But so far, only games are making noise on this side of Java. The everyday Java ME apps are from usable. I still use my phone for talking, SMS, trying out some 3Gs but the latter won't stick like talking and texting. The lack of standards is really killing this platform. There isn't much any catchy hype like Spring and Groovy. It's more like rants and raves from wannabes and wannados.

In between these times I also happened to watch Hani's interview at TSS, yes that guy at Fornicary (did I spell it right?) and Rod Johnson's "Why J2EE Projects Fail", hope some tough nuts here have learned something from him especially the "corporate developers". There are no new heroes lately like Rod Johnson or Josh Bloch. No new hyped patterns. I guess most of us has peaked the technical side of our Java careers and started looking at the leadership aspect of the whole thing which is totally a different skillset at all. I didn't use "management" as it may imply PHBs (Pointy-Haired Bosses). Most of us right now is in the stage of balancing zeal and profits(dual-licensing still rocks). Of course, not to forget, IBM and Sun is carrying their own brand of open source these days too.

Again, there were days that will never be complete without bashing Hibernate, EJB and now there's an additional toy to fool around with, BEA Weblogic. While the new versions are up, new bugs are there too and surprisingly even the old ones are still alive! But I think those are fundamental flaws or permanent damage in other words symptomatic to the brains of their creators :)), use-at-your-own-risk.

At least now JavaBlogs has been fixed and its intelligent enough to recognize atom.xml. Silly, of all blog aggregators this the last one that knows there's such thing as atom.xml.

And yeah, it feels good to strike back again.


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