Stuff that keeps my biological clock broken

And the stuff they don't give medals for. Of course, the next best thing to orgasm is having an environment that you put up yourself. For example, installing Linux from scratch, from building the right drivers, compiling the kernel to setting up of your favorite Window Manager. The fun part is doing that to an old machine(a laptop for this matter) where all the devices are almost obsolete. It's like giving an initial drift to an old Shelby. After several months of no Linux-as-a-development-operating-system, my long Linux itch has been finally scratched. But that doesn't stop there. More fun is about to come.

The rig that I resurrected into a drifting machine is a Dell Latitude Cpx, with Pentium III 650Mhz CPU, 256 RAM, 10GB HD. From what I heard around, this is one of the most Linux-hostile machine. But it has been very cooperative so far, boots in an average of 15 secs, faster than when it was running WinBlows(of course) before. Taking advantage of the Linux 2.6's HyperThreading features, Java apps like Eclipse are snappy as well. But of course given the skimpy hardware configuration, it has limits too. And feels good squeezing every drop of juice from it.

Another thing that will keep me up at night is this. The Linux Guitar apps, I believe there are many more but I'll be taking those stuff one by one. I remember back in my college days listening to NU107, the Philippine's only rock radio station(hey Singapore should have a dedicated rock radio too), There's an intermission message that say's something like this:

"If I were to choose between losing sight and losing hearing, I will choose sight. For if I lose my hearing, that will be the end of me".

These are the stuff of the revived nocturnal creature. Linux, Java, jazz, rock and...did I forgot salsa?

Darkstar, Signing on.


Anonymous said…
Linux Hyperthreading on a P3? HT is not available in P3 so linux cannot use it. Probably 2.6 only has a better thread management.
Anonymous said…
Hyperthreading is P4 feature but applicable elsewhere. Linux HyperThreading masquerades 1 CPU as 2.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Linux Hyperthreading is also applicable below P4

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