Sun Acquired SeeBeyond

Nodding sideways with a chuckle was my reaction when I read this news. Sun Microsystems, lacking a decent product to compete in the SOA arena, bought somewhat a decripit company call SeeBeyond. I remembered seeing the life and death(yes, being witness to the slaughter) of ICAN when I was working for one of the top Philippine's telecoms companies. While we were developing our Webwork+Velocity+Spring+ActiveMQ+SJSAS+JNI+CORBA combo of systems along side ICAN. I can't help but pity that ICAN thing because it can't take up the load of the Philippine's SMS-savvy networks so every now and then it conks out. We even flew in consultants from Australia and Singapore and the only words they can spew out was "That's strange", the phrase I found very famous here actually.

Yes, ICAN might have helped in launching space shuttles, but it failed to handle the world's biggest SMS chunk or junk for that matter. That SOA thing failed miserably in the 20,000,000 messages/day business(and I am referring only to one telco handling that, we have 3). And eventually, I saw that thing decommissioned and spent the good value of money rewriting things on our own. I just hoped the money paid for that shit was used to jack-up my salary.

Hopefully, Sun can improve some things about it like performance and memory optimization. But honestly still, I am not willing to pay a premium for that.


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