Open Source Business Readiness Ratings

What's this? Business Readiness Ratings is basically used to determine if an open source tool is mature enough for corporate use. Really? Or maybe corporations should be mature enough for open source use. :))

It's a good and bad thing, like how would you rate vi, grep, awk, ssh etc. for business readiness? I think BRR has the same stench as CMM and may be less "corruptible". It's like this, lets take for example, India.

India, the country that took away a lot of American programming jobs has something there to deserve the luck they are getting now, It's the CMM-decorated companies that sprawl in their landscape. And of course with that and a cheap job market it's a bullet for America ready to backfire. CMM is a buzzword and CMM is just a buzzword. Using a funny analogy, An alleged mentally deranged employee(MDE) who's been acting weird noticed that his co-workers are mocking and laughing at him because they know he's crazy, so his boss tells him to take a leave and get professional help. So this MDE did what his boss said. He went to a psychiatrist to check him up. In short, he was diagnosed as normal and doesn't have any mental disorders so the psychiatrist certifies that and issue him the certification so he could go back to work. Back at work, he chanced upon everyone talking about him and his weirdness, upon seeing him everyone was stunned and kept quiet. He gave them a stern look, and said "So you people think I am crazy? You're damn wrong!" And then he flashed a paper in front of them... "'coz I got a certificate that says I am not. DO YOU HAVE THE SAME CERTIFICATE?". Now everyone's crazy and he's not. ;)

CMM is just some shit-brick's concept from what school is that? CMU? Does CMM assures your company is mature enough and it's capable of bringing back home a space shuttle that's has been dinged a little? Maybe that's too exaggerated, or maybe that same shit-brick is involved in designing a space pen that will push ink at zero-gravity while Russian cosmonauts are happy scribbling notes using pencil and are very productive.

On the other hand, open source applications like GNUEnterprise can benefit from BRR. Since GNUEnterprise is more on the "operational" side of things rather than "technical" as many open source tools are. A BRR rating for GNUEnterprise can have a great impact on the ERP market.


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