So it's called Age of Participation

To the OSS-phobics, Age of Participation is a more subtle term. That really boils down to either two things, Adapt or Die. The other side of that is Age of Elimination which is rather timeless. Age of Participation is one of the key topics Sun Microsystem's Scott McNealy will be discussing here in Singapore with the local industrialists on September 12(?).

Speaking of locals, specially some developers, are big "ji bai". Every time they hear the word "Open Source" their chorus would be "NO SUP-PAWT", it's like getting a job that involves an automatic weapon and saying "No Danger". It's an understandable dilemma for a user but not for a developer! These people are pollutants to the local developers who want to learn and build products on top of their favorite Open Source tools that can spread the use of OSS to several industries such as the much-hyped biotech industry.

It's very interesting that big companies are having their own campaigns to promote Open Source in this Last Stronghold of the Proprietary Software Colony. Get Some!


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