What ESB? What SOA?

What Web Services? What Asynchronous Messaging? Where JMS fails, Jabber/XMPP succeeds. Of course, not all solutions to problems are obvious, to the muggles, Jabber is used by people to chat with each other just like Yahoo! or MSN. But machines can be made to "talk" to each other using this protocol too and in the most reliable, lightweight conditions. There's no need for fragile JNDI lookups, uncannily resolving IIOP hostname which is Sun MQ's sickness with the "JMS over Internet" thing. No more complex WSDL, even if it's transparent to developers nowadays, it still packs some unnecessary weight. And can be a relief from the aweful RMI too. And when these heavyweight solutions fails, recovery is not always as easy as what they claim in their manuals. With the exception of ActiveMQ. But most of the time, Acegi+WW2+ActiveMQ+Spring+SJSAS doesn't work as expected.

Jabber on the other hand, is straightforward, as long as the client machines has access to the network in whatever setup, will work. Doesn't care on what container the application is running with. Jabber-based services are rare, because in order to take advantage of those services the user has to sign up to whatever jabber server the service is signed on, and understand their "lingo". But on availability and reliability, the Jabber can walk the walk.


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