I officially stopped playing games on my PC. For one, to me it's very unprofessional. Basically, I gave in to the temptation of the dark side, I got an XBox Blue Limited Edition from a recently concluded COMEX computer expo at SGD$288 with free Halo 2. And I got a Starter Kit 12-month XBox Live Subscription which I got at SGD$75 that comes with a free headset. Playstation 2 should have a something like the "Live" thing! Right now, I have Full Spectrum Warrior 1 which I just had finished, Halo 2, NFSU2. I don't have any playmates around yet but I am will be online this weekend. My gamertag is "jaredlinux".


maks said…
ehem...a zealot on microsoft products? has the world turn up side down? nyaaaaa

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