7 months after

Time flies as they say. So far it's a pretty interesting year. So I am going to go for a round down on how things has became in my Singapore Adventure.

  • First month - Is always exciting everything seems to smell like a fresh box out of an airplane that just landed at Changi Airport. Everyday technologies are fun like tapping the EZ-Link card when going places, buying movie tickets online, getting used to the Windows Non-Operating System, still mesmerized by the users' acceptance that virus will always be in their PC's forever, little did they know that Linux is now as equally or even more than capable in the Desktop area as WinBlows can cut off their dependencies from companies such as McAfee, Norton and even Microsoft. That could translate into millions of dollars in savings. Oh what the heck, what savings am I talking about? It doesn't exist here. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

  • Second month - Almost everyone is so in love with BEA Weblogic, it's almost like buzzword, but try asking those jerks(BEA Consultants) what is an Avalon Framework they will give you a dead stare, little did they know(again) that this is the soul of that shitty application server.

  • Third month - Nothing like the sound of "Watercooler employees" buzzing in conversation, this time it's Chinese version but the substance is still the same, the subject always drills down to the politics of laziness.

  • Fourth month - I made a prediction this month that will happen on the seventh month, and it did.

  • Fifth month - Finally I am reunited with Linux! Not just any Linux, it's Slackware 10.1, I just wish Patrick Volderking good health in the next years to come because I am not worthy to take over his work but I wish I could. After getting used to Singapore's everyday technologies, it has became so boring. Local retailers still manifests very poor customer relations/service, but Auntie who cooks the best Chao Fan in Guillemard is nice but some are so fucking arrogant as if they can speak good English and they think they are the center of the world(literally they are, since this island is in the Equator), oh sheez "Fuck them leh!"

  • Sixth month - Here, typical career path is Programmer->Team Leader->Project Manager->CIO, mostly are 9-5 until 95 types. which is like the Industrial Revolution of the 20's. I know the motto here is "whatever works", a 1979 Toyota Starlet can be as functional as the 2005 Mercedes Benz E320, take your pick. I remember one of my former boss said "In the Philippines there's a lot of ideas but there are no investors, while in Singapore there are a lot of investors but no ideas". Necessity is the mother of all inventions, here it's hard to get a necessity going, that explains the "no idea" thing.

  • Seventh month - Huh! This time we have an idea! Eureka! But what's that? Clue: it's open source. Start the engine, we're on our way.


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