Windows 2000/XP Password Recovery with Linux

My Window-based laptop was backdoored allegedly by a China-based site, it locked and disabled my account and the administrator's account. Therefore it rendered my system useless for a mean time since I can't login to my two most important accounts in the system. I looked into a lot of Password recovery tools out there and most are so expensive, unbelievably expensive and practically useless. Until I stumbled into this Linux-based password recovery tool. In fact, it cannot be called a password recovery tool because it can't recover a password. What it does however is it allows you to reset password including the Administrator so you can login again.

This little nifty tool is called Austrumi. It is a Slacware-based business card sized bootable Live CD Linux distribution. Unlike any Windows bootable disk, Austrumi is a fully-functional operating system by itself. This tool is so simple, you only to insert the CD and reboot and at the boot prompt just type:

boot: nt_pass

That's it! and you're on your way to recovering and regaining your system from those nasty script kiddies. But before I forgot, the working version that I've used is the Austrumi 0.8.4


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