Need for Speed - Singapore Edition

After passing my Basic Theory Test and eventually got my PDL (Provisional Driving License), the next step is to hire a driving instructor and drive, not to learn how to drive, because I've been doing that for fifteen years back in the Philippines, I want to familiarize myself with the right-hand drive cars and a left-side traffic. Hence, I have to go to that process. The basic part is easy, the driving is even easier. A Class 3 QDL (Qualified Driving License) allows you to drive cars in Singapore with manual and automatic transmission, So I called up a driving instructor, the cheapest I can afford at S$45 per 90 minutes. In a matter of minutes he came to my place at 9pm and got a pre-drive briefing and told him briefly that I have been driving before. And he said "OK, take me to Shenton Way", "No Problem" I replied. I sunk the stick to the first gear, signal to the right, look at the cabin mirror, look at the side mirror, glance at the blind spot and off from Lorong 34 Geylang! "You have to keep left", "Yeah right" I remembered, After negotiating the traffic from Geylang to Guillemard, we headed towards Nicoll Highway. Being behind the wheel is no freaking effort. The Kompressors, Diablos, Testarossas, Carreras that you usually watch pathetically at some bus stop while they pass by are cruising alongside with me. "PDL dwayvez must keep a maximum of 60kph" my instructor hinted. I looked on my speedometer and it's pointing at 80kph, at Nicoll Highway(my bad sorry, sorry, I'll remember it next time)! Finally we're at Shenton Way in less than ten minutes, I asked the instructor "What now?". After giving me all his pocketful of challenges from negotiating narrow alleyways, humps or uneven roads, roundabouts, u-turns, clutch-hanging on steep roads, merging traffics, etc. etc. after 90 minutes we covered almost everything that he might want to do for the next 25 lessons. Too bad he's not going to make too much money out of me.

Local software development community is like Singapore traffic, right-hand drive, while seventy percent of the world's roads are in left-hand drive. It's not being right or wrong. It's even a bad taste to talk about profitability. It's like "Hey wake up guys, next year is RCP year! Why are you wasting time with expensive, shitty webby stuff?".


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