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Several links of indicating an iminent Open Source onslaught in the years to come.

There's more actually, but one interesting thing was one day while I am at a coffee shop I overheard two locals talking about Open Source and they were quite old I think their ages range from 40-45 years, the conversation was so funny I almost want to butt in because the words that were coming out of their mouths was the oldest, most stale Microsoft argument on Open Source that has been debunked years ago and yet they fear for it. Such misguided perception is abundant here. So now is the time to take a serious look at this viable alternative.


Bryan Rieger said…
Great link to the BBC article, here's another one:

I'm finding it amazing how many 'average' people (non-geeks) are starting to get into open source. People are interested and want to know more - and by providing some great articles (such as those by the BBC) it really helps to provide that information and avoid more FUD.

One of the best talks about open source that I've heard recently was with Jonathan Schwartz on IT Conversations:

Those 40+ year old guys might not get it yet (they may never get it) but there are many more people talking about and taking open source seriously than ever before.

BTW - great to see open source blogs coming out of Singapore. I've always viewed Singapore as a Microsoft stronghold with it's focus on business and finance. I was there two months ago looking at moving our business there, but the lack of a visible open source community was one of the main reasons we ended up moving it (back) to Vancouver, Canada.

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