11 December 2005

RCP vs. Thin-Client

I think the strongest argument for the justification of thin-clients or web applications is the cost of deployment and management problems that are related to rich-clients especially those that are written in Visual Basic, Visual C++ etc. This argument became popular due to shared library problems, user's often tweak their installation resulting in undesirable setup, but the thin-client is actually a step back in functionality and capability even when there's AJAX around.

Due to the complexity of the domains today, users and problems are driving back to rich clients. An observation that I agree with the book above. The demand for rich client goes beyond the desire for rich user interface. Users need to be mobile, must be able to work offline, integrate, collaborate and maximize the power of their hardware. But how about the deployment and updates management? That's where Eclipse RCP is coming in.

10 December 2005

Mining for Ruby?

It has been more than one year when I declared that the time is ripe to mine for Ruby. But until now, I am still asking myself, if this is what a software should be then what's the Value Proposition? Ruby is great, I have a hard copy of Dr. Dobb's issue to prove that it's even older than Java. But again what is the Value Proposition?

I have used Ruby briefly, got some fun from it too. But let's not get carried away, fun is not part of the Value Proposition. Will I risk using it for a highly-critical application? Will other Ruby users be able to relate on my unique business or operational problems? I don't think so. Ruby is great, but to me it's no great deal. It's just another scripting language that happens to be object-oriented. Why other languages are popular and "acceptable" in the majority of the programming community? First, most of them are conceived in order to solve a problem(e.g. C/C++, LISP, Fortran), most of them have something in common in their history, they are designed initially for the purpose of building The One Great Product(e.g. SmallTalk, Java). Ruby was conceived from none of these reasons, it was made out of hobby, for the labor of love. My customers doesn't care about my labor of love.

08 December 2005

Patriot Update

The Patriot project site has been updated an we have added an informational diagram on its value proposition. Currently, I will be finishing the Serial Comm API as part of the selectable protocol drivers.

01 December 2005


So much fuzz I thought JDIC will going to solve my desktop integration problems. I ended up, still, using SWT, "The one code to bind them all". From System Tray to GUI application itself, everything was bolted together that looks so natural in their host operating environment. And launching my SWT app like a native Windows application was made easy by Marner Java Launcher, which I would say more flexible than JSmooth. Marner Java Launcher respects my folder structure by providing a launcher.cfg file to specify my JVM arguments.

Most likely, Swing is going to suck even more these days.