Interesting Week

This week and the week before was interesting for some reasons. One is the Apple-Intel fanfare and much of it, my miseducation on AJAX wishing it's also useful on stand-alone static webpages. At least there are some nice so-called AJAX "tools" for this special requirement like Scriptaculous(will link later or just google it) and Behaviour(will also link later).

After my R & R (actually it means Re-arm & Re-supply coz there's no rest) in the Philippines, I realized there's a lot more things to do there than what I have conceived of in being there for almost my entire lifetime. They need the "boom" back there. They need something like the "Silicon Valley Energy", lots of it, that people will say "I will do this, I will fund that, I will start this, I will acquire that" and so forth.

Philippines can also be the breeding ground for RCP-based applications, there's just so much untapped energy from the young talents. But the problem is most of them are stuck in some sorry-ass J2EE, web 2.0, whateverwebshityoumaycallit projects. 2006, is the beginning of the uber-rich content era. With so much power from the hardware, desktops should come alive. Desktop applications today and in the future, from a USER'S standpoint, should be artistically intensive because we, developers, will be surprised how even more sophisticated user's requirements today if we will look "out-of-the-software-engineering-box" just once.

For my early Chinese New Year present, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Sorry, no one uses a "provincial" Fookien here(I think). Here's to the lucky one: I will give a one hour free WiFi Airborne-Access Login that can be used at any Airborne-Access-enabled establishments in the Philippines. Here it is:

Username: 1FF1263161
Password: 7111712131
Serial No: 1F00109552
Expires: April 30, 2006

To the first one who can login, Congratulations!


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