New Beginning

I've been doing a lot of redefining these days in sync with the incoming Lunar New Year. First, is the separation of my technical stuff from non-technical ones. This means putting all my junk in to PocketPC and the more important stays in my laptop. This is redefining the use of PDA. Second, focus on esoteric(for now) technologies such as SAMS(Patriot) and RCP. Third, timelines. What's the point of all these without timelines? So timelines has to be redefined. Fourth, I've been hearing a lot about HYIPs and autosurfs, a few dollars won't hurt. Year of the Dog is quite promising.

Anyway, it's really hard to blog with a stylus so I am continuing this with a keyboard. MacBook Pro with Intel Core Duo is an ASSKICKER(for Windows). Intel has been finally freed from dull little tasks where it could be doing something more. Things are suddenly happening like magic.


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