18 February 2006

Marlboro vs. Roll-your-own Tobaccos

Big Release is Dead, Continual Development is King, "Release Early, Release Often" and some other open-source-with-no-economic-value-hubris are nothing but myth and fallacies. I may not be "in the circulation" for quite sometime or I don't want to be anymore. After researching further about "The Man Who Moved 14 Million iPods last 2005" and starts turning things around again. I had come to realized that some guys in the Open Source community who's doing their own style of evangelism practically "don't get it".

How you[The Muggle] would like to buy my software? With a nice looking box and a cool manual that you will only read once and display it in your bookshelf because it really looks damn cool and you want to flaunt your guest that you "have" it? Or simply download it from the Web, pay and get a "Thank you" from an emotionless server?

Would you [The Muggle] use an application that you bought[most of the time for a premium] but can't feel it's your own because it's running from a server somewhere in Cayman Islands and it's just being served up to you through the browser?

Again, how would you[The Muggle] like to buy my software? With a nice looking gadget that runs it? That you can use in your car, at work, at play? Or does it requires Hibernate, Appfuse and all this shit just to make it work? And can't rely on them for the after-download-and-deploy service? Don't get me wrong I know it's open source.

Where's the prestige? Where's the value that it puts in everyones' heads? Get it?

When I buy the latest Porsche, I know my neighbors will going to talk about me, When I buy anything with real value, the value returns to me in many forms. Get it?

15 February 2006

Interview with "Remotante Escudero" aka Moto Coder, Tita Motmot

Some people have been wondering who is this guy and what is he? Does he(she?) exists? I don't know. You find out in this first of our interview series.

Jared: What are you?

Moto Coder: I wear many hats, some brands are even called Durex. Seriously, I am an HTML, CSS Developer/Designer, whatever you may call it. Basta may "L", that's my language.

Jared: Can you tell something about being a Pinoy IT Pro in Singapore?

Moto Coder: Uhm, "Well, kasi ganito yun"...Being an IT Pro here is much more fulfilling than in any place else, the workplace is a bit laid back and deadlines are not that tight unlike in the Philippines. Personally, I am happy here even if my rate is just $2.5K, the point is I can do what I want and can go anywhere I go.

Jared: You've been doing HTML, CSS and other "non-intelligent" stuff (hehehehe) for how long now?

Moto Coder: "Ano ka ba! Ang yabang mo ha!" Uhm, I've been doing this for almost ten years now. DotCom Boom then DotCom Bubble yun pa rin ang ginagawa ko, o diba ang saya, meaning I survived the crash! Kaya mo ba yun?

Jared: Moto Coder is a cool Cybernick, who gave you the nick Tita Motmot?

Moto Coder: Haay naku! isang jologs na taga-pinoyitdotjologs este sg pala, ewan ko ba bakit pa ko nagsignup dun sa mailing list na yun, wala namang kwenta! You know I'd rather stay in other Filipino online community in Singapore at least people on those forums makes more sense kahit hindi IT ang profession nila mas nagiisip sila no!, and besides they are more humble.

Jared: Hahahaha! I understand you, I was kicked out of that list too. But please, do not mention a lot about the list cause my space doesn't deserve it.

Moto Coder: Excuse me, hindi ako na-kick out umalis ako ng kusa. Anyway so much for that, nakaka-irita lang 'no, naturingang mga IT at umaabot pa daw ng $7K ang sweldo eh ang tatanga naman, nakakabobo yata talaga ang malaking sweldo eh.

Jared: Ooops, cool ka lang bro I mean sis pala, so how long do you plan to stay here?

Moto Coder: Sa tingin ko ano...mga 3 years pa I just intend to make Singapore a stepping-stone in the next bigger things that I need to accomplish.

Jared: Such as?

Moto Coder: You know, like migrating to U.S., Canada or Australia. Hindi naman ako kasing galing mo 'no na 30 minutes lang tayong nag-uusap dito off-the-record alam mo na kung ano gusto mo mangyari at paano i-execute yung mga plano mo, hindi ako ganun eh, masyado akong vague, ikaw kasi crusader ka eh

Jared: Thanks, But this interview is not about me haha! Migrating to further, "greener" pasteurs is a common mindset to most of us. Pinaglihi ba tayo sa baka or something?

Moto Coder: Hahahaha, you're so funny ha! gusto ko na namang ibalik yung example sa'yo eh, before this interview, you were talking about your R&D stuff, "The Silicon Valley of the East". Masyado kang visionary, ako shortsighted lang ako, employee mindset, 9-5 smacker, comfortshell person, gusto ko ng mabilis na pera, gusto kong nagpapaalipin. In a way, masasabing mong jologs din ako.

Jared: Hey I'm not a judge. So you mentioned about the "j" word, tell me more about it.

Moto Coder: Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's irritating, sometimes it really pisses almost anyone off. Recently, the "j" word is tragic. You know, the "stampede" thing. Kaya ayan naalala ko na naman yang jologs na mailing list na yan, ang gagaling magreklamo pagdating sa gawa, wala, nangangamote. Nagawa pa ng ibang magpatawa sa tragedy na 'to.

Jared: You know, if you'll complain about the world should be like this or like that, you'll just end up frustrated. Any plans on upgrading your skills?

Moto Coder: I'm a reader of your blog, to be honest. That's why I also felt honored to be in your space. And you gained notoreity in some sectors of the Java Community especially the Filipino Java Users Group. Because of your blogs I am so keen to learn Java not just because of the career opportunities it entails, but the huge potential in terms of product development. Honestly, a lot of people "dont get it".

Jared: Thanks, and thanks for your time as well. I know you'll be away for long soon that's why I chased you up for this interview.

Moto Coder: Yes, I'll be going home for vacation. And might not come back, you know napa-fickle-minded ko eh.

Jared: Haha, whatever makes you happy. Ciao!

04 February 2006

Pinoy IT @ SG: The Interview Series

On my next installment I will be featuring personal interviews with some notable people, Filipino IT Pros working in Singapore. I will be asking some important adult questions, their experiences in working in Singapore, their reactions to the frustrating, sickening and pathetic attitude of their fellow Filipino IT Pros(shameless plug) who happen to be working here as well. Stay tuned.

01 February 2006

My other Wordpress Blog

I know that my topics in this blog are limited to Software Development. So I've created a Wordpress blog for other things that are awfully off-topic in this page. And here's the link.