Ladies and Gentlemen, The IBM Websphere Application Server Community

Though a bit late at this time, it's nice to revisit how this thing has progressed in the past few months. But the days of experimentations are now over, it is now the dawning of the "full-court-press" GTD(Getting Things Done) days. To some it will be a renaissance period, to others it will be the dark days. There are so many exciting things coming out, new frameworks, new ways of doing old crap etc. etc. but the buzzword "Getting Things Done" is the most important part in today's Java-Whatever-Development. "WAS CE" as it is widely known, is still too young to be judged as to whether it will guide you naturally to the GTD path or "Need-to-know-more-and-waste-my-time" path. But I will nominate WAS CE to be the application server with the highest "GTD percentage" in the near future.


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