The more I got these good signs, the further I feel away from home

And this one is very interesting.

That is not from Da Vinci Code, this the ISO/IEC 15434 2D Data Matrix barcode. So what's the big deal? Here's one story. I got a package from the Philippines that comes with this kind of a barcode, and this package is not your courier's package(Fedex, DHL or whatever), it's a biscuit package from a taken-for-granted-but-well-known biscuit company in the Philippines, imagine a cheap Philippine biscuit company can easily adapt to that. I am researching about Data matrix for a different purpose. Until I found this box with a Data matrix on it! Wow! Cool! Awesome! Data matrix is more reliable and efficient than barcode and has broader range of applications, take for example snapping a datamatrix in a newspaper that is printed beside a ringtone advertisement with a handphone camera, it will then decode the Data matrix and sends a GPRS or SMS/WAP push to the wireless operator with instructions to download the ringtone and bill the subscriber, since Data matrix can be scanned at 20% contrast ratio it means that it's almost foolproof(like 99%). Unfortunately, some or maybe most systems in Singapore will have a hard time catching up on Data matrix due to the fact that most of the systems are tightly-coupled, codes are copy-and-pasted from one module to another just to make everything work on the first cut without really minding to look far, far ahead in the future. International POS providers and packaging specialists who has ready systems to be deployed will start doing the killing.

I am just spilling some few beans of opportunity. I'll collect my payback and go home soon.


Richard said…
when is the IPO? do you have a copy of their prospectus? I am interested.

business aside, thanks for the "key" reminder. that was a security breach :)
nox said…
hmmmn... The mobile use you mentioned is similar to shotcode's (

datamatrix and shotcode idea could be expanded further with metadata. e.g. attaching location metadata would enable non-gps enabled phones to snap a picture at a business card with datamatrix/shotcode and get a map of the address specified on the card. or going into a place snap its datamatrix/shotcode and and alert social network friends where you are by mixing a location with google maps.

datamatrix/shotcode bundled with tagging (keyword) apps would seriously rock too.


Jared said…

no problem, this island has its own shares of criminals, so let's look at each other's back. :)


there's another one, which was built by my acquaintance in France. Datamatrix-->Patriot-->Mule. We're ready to rumble.
nox said…
ohhhhhh.... that titillates the wet corners of a mobile indie's mind.

how is patriot coming along? would be nice if a telco could somehow adopt it, so that you can test it against actual hardware interface.

right on the money on that datamatrix+patriot+mule combo. that would rock.

rock on!


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