My fearless forecast: Linux demand in Singapore will grow

I was at Sim Lim Square the other day to bring one of our servers for servicing. This is related to my previous post about the RAID controller. I talked to one of the technical support engineer who was there busy fixing another customer's PC so I went in to their work area and told them about our RAID card issues, but due to time constraints (because it's almost closing time when we get there) I feel that our server will not be fixed in the same day which is not acceptable to us. While waiting at the work area I noticed that the engineer was installing Fedora Core 5 on an Asus blade server, Fedora Core 5 on Asus blade server! For wherever Linux World I came from this may sound preposterous. Fedora Core 5 are regarded as for sixth-graders not blade servers!

It's understandable that this is still Microsoft Country(because MS thinks for them!) but at least there's now a bit of a traction in terms of Linux acceptability. So I asked the engineer on how many Linux installations does he do in a week, he can't give an estimate or maybe he doesn't want to but he hinted that there's a lot and I asked who owns the blade server he's working on, he told me it's from a medium-sized company. In the end, my server wasn't fixed so I decided to replace the RAID controller with a more Linux-friendly one, the 3ware 9550SX(you see, great products really get to plug here). No magic required, it worked.

There's now an opportunity(in fact, many) and my palms are itching. The business of Linux Technical Support will soon be sprawling in this island like a "locksmith service" some of the most daring one's will even post stickers at your door with "LINUX INSTALLATION/SERVICE HP:9XXX-XXXX" alongside those locksmith stickers. Anyway, my number is ...


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