I've been away from watching what's going on with Java Web development these days until I got my eyes on Waffle. Yes, yet another web framework. Ok, no XML tweaking in the name of annotations, feels like Rails, of course, it's Rails-like! But frankly, I am not yet motivated to use or adapt it. To me there's nothing really significant about annotations. If there's any framework that needs no XML tweaking, dang, that's the web.xml of the Java Servlet Framework every so often, it is the heart of every mistake Java web-based developers make. Do we need another web framework? No, I think what we need is for some smart-nuts to overhaul the Servlet specification.


Graeme Rocher said…
Hi Jared,

I encourage you to give Grails a try. Version 0.1 was just released and 0.2 has some interesting features planned:


Michael Ward said…
Actually Waffle is not annotation heavy, it only has 3 annotations. The fact that Waffle doesn't require it's own proprietary XML configuration file is only a small part of what makes Waffle different.

Have a look at how Actions are simply Pojo's or how Events are propagated to Actions:



I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.

-- Mike

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