Why RCP?

Eclipse Rich Client Platform has been gaining traction in some sectors of the Java development community. But it's really hard to justify the return of the client/server development nowadays, to convince technical managers who are deeply in to web development to gradually consider moving to rich client platform. Some of the people will always recourse to deployment costs that comes with the rich client as the strongest excuse which in some part a valid argument. If you're one of those "unplugged" within your development team and wants to jump in this rejuvenated platform here are the questions you need to answer:

  • Why do we need to switch?

  • What are the constraints?

  • What are the driving forces for the change?

  • What critical problems will it solve? For good?

  • How will I demonstrate?

Demonstration is always a big turning key in any argument. There's got to be one. This is how you will start your RCP ecosystem. By getting your hands dirty.


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