Crossbones and Skull

It's now the 7th day of my self-exile in Manila doing preliminary preparations for the "long battle" that will be waged ahead, by May 21 I'll be back in my post in a small island called Singapore and will be disguising as a Senior Consultant. After a series of clandestine meetings with some key people, I believe we have the "vehicle" and I'm considering the Jewish community to help us fuel this. It will be our own Open Source "Tet" Offensive. Incidentally, there was Linux and Eclipse Technical Briefing last May 16 that was held at Makati Shangri-la brought to us by IBM, a whole day affair, and a very nice opportunity to do the secret handshake. I showed off a part of the "vehicle" to some group of hackers and then minutes later, Doug Tidwell conjoured it up from his slideshow and it somehow augmented the hackers' conviction that this "vehicle" is going to run big.

Anyway, Doug Tidwell and the gang will be in Singapore on May 23 for the same event. But I have some serious doubts these guys will have the same excitement as what they had in the Philippines.


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