15 June 2006

Enabling Mobile Messaging with PeopleSoft(TM) and Patriot

Mobile messaging, these days, obviously, has helped a lot of companies expand their business models as billions of packets cross the ionosphere everyday, mobile messaging has become an important part to drive businesses forward by helping to keep customers loyal and build relationships with new ones. Companies with CRM solutions installed especially by PeopleSoft(TM) can launch customer-relationship programmes like loyalty rewards programme, periodic promotional campaigns, demographic marketing activities and so forth. One of the ways of adding value to these programmes is to enable mobile messaging using the popular mediums such as SMS and MMS. Through mobile messaging, these CRM programmes can have a broader reach from existing customers to untapped markets.

Patriot, a JSR-212 implementation can provide the mobile messaging capabilities for all of these PeopleSoft(TM) CRM programmes. A typical deployment example:

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This deployment example uses SOAP Web services for Patriot and PeopleSoft(TM) to integrate but other approach is possible as well such as JMS, Jabber and so forth.

10 June 2006

Scheming Scheme

After making some thoughts on what other compelling tools that I need to complement Java as a companion language. Scheme won my heart after making too much thought on other stuff like Ruby. Scheme is a simplified LISP, a 25+ years old programming language and has been used on a lot of smart stuff. Services that requires highly-intelligent systems will benefit from this handy tool.