Fine Tuning the Direction

After all the Java/J2EE talkees from different communities and different cultures and all the dizzying hypes and new web frameworks. I decided to focus on 2 key Java technologies as far product development is concerned.

1. Eclipse RCP/SWT
2. Jini/JavaSpaces

Some other things will become consequential like JDBC, I/O, XML etc. I hope JSR-212 or otherwise known as SAMS should adapt the real protocol-agnostic approach by using JavaSpaces instead of the traditional and vendor-hyped J2EE and should be called SAMS2. And I am keen to divert Patriot to be non-compliant in order to use the more adaptive JavaSpaces and will soon be called The Renegade just to speed things up.

Pitfalls that the uninitiated mind should be aware of will come out in the form of buzzwords such as "SOA", "Professional Services", "Out-of-the-box solutions", "Interoperability", "end-to-end e-business solutions" and other sweet-but-poisonous words that will appear to be simple. It's easier said than done so be really mindful. Unless you're really ready to die for this then ride the buzzword train. But when the World finds out that this is how you survive in a "hidden sector" of the IT ecosystem, you'll be skinned alive or be simply fried.

It's 2006, and it's very high time for Lean Development which really boils down to doing what's really important, documenting only what is required. Gantt charts are for sissies. 80% of my projects was delivered without it and 20% that used it was vaporized into thin air.


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