It's All Quiet in the Frontline

June 14 was a fateful day, the day I can not easily forget. But I have better things in mind than to dwell with it. Almost a setback but now we're on track and ready to spin. Time for us to peak out. Almost 4 months of blogging hiatus, not because of too much work but the fact that there isn't much to say. Back in the old days when we were still in secondary school(or high school in an American-oriented education system) the unwritten rule for teamwork is if you can't carry out your suggestion then don't speak at all and silence doesn't belong to the doers. And if you're no longer in the circulation, don't butt in.

The politics of project management amazes me at one point, how high is the risk if you're in a high-value project and the one who manages it can't even come to presence when shit comes to shove? How high is the risk if you put on someone to run a project who also works for another company and assumes no accountability for the fate of the whole project? In other words who in his right mind would engage these people to ensure the delivery of the project?

Collecting intelligence...

By year end I intend to replace my old phone, so right now I have started doing my homework, not very extensive one in fact, just a walk in the shop ask few questions and that's it. The best way to make a decision is in the absence of a salesperson, so I grabbed all the brochures that I can put my hands on and bring them home to sort them one by one and read through them. Don't go to the touchscreens it's fun to play but it's a waste of time.

Onwards to mobile messaging...

SMS still rocks, and I'm getting the necessary control that I need to complete this mobile battle in our favor thanks to the Africans. But currently, it seems I am using my valuable resource to wrong beneficiaries(thought so).


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