04 January 2007

The Word is Focus

After going through hell in 2006. So pissed and I always feel like I want to kill someone. At last I got my holiday break, it's short but it's better than nothing. We're moving forward, with all the hype and FUDs in todays software development in general it's easy to get out of focus. Yes and that's the only "F" word that will save each and every hardened software developer these days. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MULTI-TASKING. In the past years, people that I saw multi-task get things done so little and blames a lot. They will pick on the easiest tasks and leave the hard part for the others and put the blame on them when things starts blowing out of proportions. Others will say it's working smart. But you can't seal fart forever.

It has been proven over and over again that FOCUS, yes, and the more precise, the better is the only verb any developer needs to have in order to accomplish so many in so little time. It's the only magic word, you lose it and the effect is automatic.