The 2007 Philippine Elections

By this time, I'll be an absentee voter. How will I choose my candidates depends on what will benefit my interest. In other words it's called vested interest. In the Senate, candidates who will win my vote may need to introduce or continue work on the following bills:

1. An act to promulgate the use of Open Source Software in all state-controlled institutions, government agencies and other local government units.

2. Bigger tax breaks for technology startups to be able to compete effectively in the global market.

3. Lower taxes for importation of computer hardware and all other peripherals. A MacBook in the Philippines should be priced just the same as in Singapore.

4. Accreditation of vendor certifications in to the national educational system.

5. Deregulation of VoIP services.

6. Deregulation of Broadband access nationwide.

7. Longer amnesty period for pirated software users to switch to legitimate software.

8. Regulating or banning of commercial software (local or international) with license agreements that are deemed unconstitutional and unfavorable to the national interest.

9. Set up of special courts that will handle ICT-related cases such as Internet fraud, intellectual property rights etc.

10. Disallowing registration of software patents. Includes dishonouring software patents registered outside Philippines.

11. Blocking multinational sites that will not accept credit cards issued in the Philippines from our national network. A blacklist of URLs shall be posted to all ISPs for blocking nationwide.

I believe with all this in place we're geared up for a strong headstart.


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