The Linux Terminal Server Project

I was asked privately by a certain individual about my raves on Java Desktop regarding what is my deployment strategy to make it more attractive to web savvy IT departments. I told him I don't have a strategy, I got strategies and one of my favorite is the LTSP strategy or the Linux Terminal Server Project.

LTSP has been going on around for many, many years. It has been proven to work and work well. What are the risks? Just like any web applications, if the server goes down, everything goes down no buts and ifs. What are the benefits? No more web server to maintain! That's one great blessing for an administrator.

LTSP is an implementation of a thin-client from a hardware perspective(neat strategy, right?). You got a server that runs all the services that several thin-client needs. Very straightforward and simple. This is an ideal Third World solution, others can waste more money as they please.

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richardqr said…
Neat. But this approach (vis-a-vis web servers/applications) will be 'comfortably' deployed only in an intranet scenario.

Eventually, SysAds will have to deal with security and performance when deploying in extranet/internet.
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