These Are The Days

2 years ago, this is the desk where the more exciting Java codes have been written, it is a microbrewery in its own right. This is the place where some of the unconventional ideas came to life. This is where some of the near-impossible tasks were completed. Different codes for different reasons turned out from here too. Some codes were made just to simply prove a point or win an argument, some are made to debunk a hype, some were made with real-life make a living, and make a life.

Now, I'm sitting in front of this desk once again to continue what has been paused some time, to pursue the ultimate goal while burning the midnight oil. Most importantly, to complete an unfinished business. After a couple of years overseas, loaded with so much distractions and failed expectations where I thought I could continue what I started. Regardless of material success, I am unhappier than before and I think that what is eating me.

Behind this desk, I'm in control. I make the decisions, both tactical and strategic. These are the things that I'm willing to buy back and earn from once again. And this God-forsaken Motherland(that's Philippines, of course), is where everything is happening right now, yes ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not people are flocking here to forge some serious deals and mind you we're not just about Professional Services, we're not just solutions provider pretending to have some product made out of crap like some five or more years ago. In terms of software development, we are much more relevant than our neighbors combined. Forget about the FUD that the international mainstream media is throwing at us such as terrorism, crime and political instability, at most these crises are more of an opportunity rather than a sickening problem and it's not exclusive to us(at least we could laugh at this because others can't).

Those were the glorious days. Today, this is the place to be when you're ready. We are the real deal.


Jerry said…
As a software Development Center in Cebu, we can attest to your frustration and to your thoughts on returning home: yes, this is the place to be right now, and I expect, in the near future. Well, everybody else seems to think so too. the Indians are coming. My guess is that they want to secure a labor pool for when the Indian model prices itself off the charts. And of course they must be getting sick and tired of hearing that the Philippines has English speakers on a par with Ohio and a sweet disposition when it comes to customer relations.

But you don't hear near enough about Software Development, getting projects done on time, on track, and in budget, which we also are well known for.

Anyhow. Great post. Swing by and say hello to our new web site and forum at

Jerry C
Jared said…
Hi Jerry,

Great website and great company you got there in Cebu! It seems things are really getting exciting!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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