Working In The Garage Is Fun!!!

Philippines, 6:30am - I was awakened by the hustle and bustle going around the house. As usual, my wife is preparing breakfast and my daughter is getting ready for school, the TV is up for early morning news (that's Unang Hirit!). This has been going around since I came home for a Chinese New Year leave. While recovering from a recent surgery, I have nothing to do but flip my laptop somewhere and do something.

Good thing I was able to setup quickly our WiFi router at home so I can work anywhere around the house. These gadgets are truly heaven-sent, my ideal workplace has finally come to life but not yet for good.

The Philippine Early Morning Breeze is not as polluted as it may seem to be. After finishing breakfast, I decided to grab my laptop and pull a monobloc chair in our garage. With the cool air, birds in chorus and swinging leaves from a nearby jackfruit tree what's not to like? This is an environment where great ideas pop up, prototyped and worked on. There's nothing like this anywhere else. This is the kind of place where you can stay focused and relaxed without falling into sleep just slip in a CD into the home entertainment system and work.

Other stuff that I need to continue the work I started: 1.) A publicly-hosted CVS server 2.) A Linux File Server 3.) More Linux laptops 4.) More Linux workstations and everything I need to build my home data center. After which, DynamicBeans can move to a real office somewhere in Ayala Alabang to keep the "Third World" tropical ambient.

Those who lived by the hype, die by the hype. Every true blue high-tech company today started in a garage(Apple, HP etc.) and these companies has serious products, not hype. And not "soapbox" products that works well in demo, but sucks in real implementations. I stayed long enough in Singapore to see a lot of this sh*t. Nobody understands Garage Culture outside the U.S. except the Philippines. So I invite you all to breathe our Morning Breeze.


diana said…
Go, go, go Dynamic Beans! :)

ayan nai-cheer ko na kayo ha.

Welcome back nga pala!

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