And Justice For All...

Today I felt vindicated upon reading this news, somehow the Universal Justice System will really going to extend its arms fully. Anyway let me share the story.

Almost a year ago, DynamicBeans got in touch with one of the promising startups that won a citation from StartUp@SG who also developed the same technology (note: this technology can never be patented, so you can throw away your IP ramblings to the window) that can lock a mobile phone if it's lost or stolen, plus the rest of the features similar to that one from the Bulacan kids. During the presentation of this concept and a few demo. I was convinced that this will be a big hit in the Philippines. In short, I told the founder if we can discuss further the possibility of marketing this phone security application back in the Philippines. So we lay out our "cards" and the plan on how are we going to do it, I also made a brief presentation of the Patriot on what is the role it's going to play.

After several exchanges of emails and phone calls which made things a little exciting. Then suddenly there's something that hits me like a surprise left. The founder told me that they are flying directly to our contacts who are the decision makers of the country's largest wireless telecommunications company. And they are going to present their concept and demonstrate it. WTF!!! So I kept my cool until some time and then I said "Good Luck!". This wireless telco company is very notorious for plagiarizing ideas that really works, they will not mind spending a fortune to do it by themselves so if you're there and you don't know how to safeguard you're "assets" you can kiss it goodbye for all they care. So the same curse happened to this Singapore-based startup, I'm expecting that they can not enter that "space" without us and I'm expecting this wireless telco company will not leave it hanging like that. The founder who flew directly made another attempt to crosscut me, by calling our colleagues in Makati to get in touch with another wireless telco which is the competitor, I know he's doomed that time. And justice was served.

These are just bunch of kids who founded a cool startup, they didn't learn all these things by themselves, they were mentored. These are the mentors that teaches them how to be "uncool" in the business community, sad to say, these mentors are the ones that should be burned at stakes. Now we have our own homebrewed stuff done by our great kids back there, watch out, here we come!


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