Bug Fixing

This is what I can call a 10-year irritation to people who can never learn. Users can easily conclude that there is a bug in the system when something went wrong during the operation, that's understandable. But this is the most irritating question of all; "how long do you think you can fix this?" and definitely the developer's answers could nothing be shorter than a guess or a balony.

Bugs may take a minute or weeks to fix. You can never tell until you find it and fix it. In years of Developer vs. Manager Wars it seems only the earlier has written enough books and articles to learn to fight the latter. And still, the blood spills.


Ariel D. Araza said…
in my years of bug-fixing or telling somebody to do it, i'd say that the bug-fix in code (if there is at all) is 10% of the job and usually predictable and quick to implement. The problem is the 90% which goes before that, and which is I agree, could take from 1 hr to 10 days. I hate cleaning-up somebody's dirty laundry!!

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