Fragile Code

What is a fragile code? It's a piece of code in a system that works, but is not extensible and resistant to change. Sounds familiar? So you think you have a code that works perfectly for the past five years and suddenly conks out when a new feature was added is called a robust code? No, it's a failure waiting to happen. Some folks judged a failed software project based on deadline and cost. But some things are rarely given attention when new changes are introduced. Other developers will blame the change and will make change the "enemy". When an enterprise application is designed to be resistant to change, it's a failed project before it even begins.

Does it all matters when you have rolled out the initial cut and collected the money? Yes it is, because a lot of "Mom-and-Pop" Professional Services and Solutions Provider today is in the brink of self-destruction because of self-denial that such fragile code exists in their projects and so-called products.


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