The Human Misinterface Development

After many years in Java development and interviewing different candidates for development positions, much of their profiles still dwells in the server-side and no time was given, at least, to learn the actual aesthetics of the front end or the user interface. Many of these developers rants about "working a lot for so little" when it comes to user interface development and worse is its notion as a "weaker sex" job. On the other hand, an elegantly coded server-side module which the developer devoted so many sleepless nights at work will all go the down the drain because of poor user interface design that can render the whole application useless, so what happened to the "working a lot for so little" then?

Don't try to outsmart the users, they know what's useful or not. Seriously, if a Java developer's profile is still very much on the server-side stuff, it's really going to be serious problem in the future. Even if keywords as JSF, JSP or even (yikes) AJAX appears on each developer's CV it will still not count, it's the understanding of the aesthetics that matters. Once, these aesthetics has been understood, these developers will learn what technologies to forget.


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