Web [Application] Is Dead

Don't panic. You're favorite social networking site, search engines and other nice sites laundered by AJAX may still survive. But if you're one of the turds who have fancied the idea eons ago of stuffing the web browser with enterprise applications in the name of "low deployment costs". Then you have to think again.

If you're in a place with a perfect network structure as Singapore, then enterprise web apps are just fine or still acceptable. But if you're in a battle-hardened marketplace where online and offline processing is inevitable then you have to junk all your web applications together. Some will really try it harder with XForms for "offline" web applications, but that just won't work because you still need to build your update functions both for client and server, unless some turds still want to go through this death march it's up to them. Rich Client Platform is the answer, not hype.


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