C/C++ Revisited

It's been 22 years for C++ and C is earlier. And most Java veterans I met started in this language before moving to Java. And up to this time the C/C++ developer's community is still vibrant. Still churning out new codes(programmers will really not reuse any code whenever they can) from building CORBA services to developing XBox and PS3 games and more. Although the area of development for C/C++ programmers is becoming niche due to popularity of "enterprise frameworks" in Java and .Net, C/C++ is still the popular choice for projects where the presence of a virtual machine is not required. As Java and .Net becomes more cumbersome and boring due to a lot of automated frameworks that makes job even more complicated. Developers for niche projects using C/C++ today still enjoys a relative simplicity in what they do. I never heard a C++ programmer complains about an application server issue(laughs).

10 years ago, my encounter with C/C++ was in the development of RS232 Communications API that we need to make a couple of PC talk to each other or another device to a PC talk to each other. And still using the same communications API that we built, we played with it on ATMEL microcontrollers. It's relatively simple, no relational database, no application servers, no transactions, no hassle. Strange enough, the job market for such programmers dwindled. But these days it's making a "comeback" (though it didn't really left) and companies with specific needs are looking for such skill to develop their products but I won't be a troop-on-the-ground programmer anymore, I'll be the vendor.


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