DynamicBeans Corporate Instant Messaging Is Now Up!

DynamicBeans Corporate Instant Messaging is now up! What's the big deal about this corporate instant messaging? It's an instant messaging that works well like Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ etc. but corporate instant messaging is different in many ways from consumer instant messaging. Unlike consumer instant messaging which is seen as a counter-productive communications application by certain entities because users have more time to chat with external parties on non-business related matters. As an alternative, some corporations will setup their own corporate instant messaging so that employees can collaborate and communicate with each other, but the problem with their homegrown setup is that it is only confined within their own corporate users. Customers and partners are seldom part of this corporate instant messaging network.

The real value of corporate instant messaging is with the involvement of customers and partners within its network where the host can provide a wide spectrum of support levels for their customers and near real-time information from their business partners. But there are certain drawbacks of setting up a corporate instant messaging, like for example, a shipping company can not just setup a corporate instant messaging network because it is not their business to do so but they understand the value. That's where DynamicBeans Corporate Instant Messaging is going to play a critical role.


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