I Miss jared@darkstar

It means I miss Slackware. Sheez, why do I have to explain everything in plain words these days? Well, jared@darkstar is what appears in my command prompt after successfully installing a Slackware distribution in to my system.

The reason I miss it is first I'm using Winbloze (for crying out loud) 2 straight years now. Vista's desktop is a desperate attempt to really become Linux, and it's still way behind. Second, if I'm maintaining an application that is always deployed to another flavor of Unix such as AIX or Solaris or even HP UX, why am I coding in Windows? I should have a Linux in my laptop! It makes sense right? Because that's the closest simulation you can ever get, very helpful in testing too. Since BEA, Websphere starts up with a shell script *.sh then my Java applications should have the same thing too, not *.bat or *.cmd!


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